Dissemination work already done

  • Asociación española del cultivo del champiñón magazine, firstquarter 2013, nº72
  • La rioja regional neswpaper- 4 december 2012
  • CTC´s Lettre

The article explains quite well why the BioMush project is so important for the mushroom industry, and perhaps we could also add that the CTC newsletter is a quarterly publication that is sent widely to the French mushrooom industry and many local and national officials.


During the first period of the Biomush Project, scientific results were achieved in WP1 under the task “identification of possible biomarkers”. They concern new findings both at the taxonomic and geographic levels, in relation with a misclassification of some common mushroom diseases in the scientific literature. These results were presented during a consortium meeting in Treviso.

They were not deemed confidential, as they do not concern the BioMush expected results, but rather taxonomy of fungal Agaricusbisporus diseases. It was therefore considered that they do not compromise either the project itself or the protection of the future result.

With the agreement of all the project partners, it was decided to use these findings as an opportunity for dissemination of the project in a scientific Congress that was held in December 2013 in Portugal: the Portuguese Congress of Microbiology and Biotechnology[1].

It was presented by IBET during an oral presentation under the following title: Fungal Agaricusbisporus diseases: taxonomy and reality.


SME-Associations have informed their board members about the evolution of the Biomush project on regular basis. Several documents were drafted for these occasions.

ANiCC and CTC will inform the French mushroom growers at the next general meeting that will be held in France at the end of May 2014. A presentation will be showed to them.

ANICC and CTICH have also been informing the GEPC members (the European Mushroom Growers Group which represents 9 countries in the EU) of the general purpose of the BioMush project, within the limit of confidential data, at each GEPC meeting, twice a year.

SGBU has presented the project to the Polish mushroom growers at general meeting, to the board members at board meetings, and at several conferences held in Poland (examples: Mushroom Conference in Wielichowo, May 18th 2013; Mushroom Festival in Siedlce, Sept. 26th 2013; Project on Mushroom Conference, Kolumna, October 1-2th 2013; Conference organized by the Polish Academy of Science, Siedlce, October 18th 2013; Conference organized by the Mushroom Produce Group,Tomaszówmaz, November 14th 2013).

Informations of the Project are published on a regular basis in the Polish mushroom industry bulletin: BiuletynProducentaPieczarek (http://grzyby.grzybnia.pl/archiwum/1090-pieczarki-biuletyn-producenta-pieczarek-42012).

The project is also mentioned on the website of SGBU :www.sbgu.com.pl.







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