We, SMEs Associations in the BioMush project, are aware of the importance of women in the rural word, in particular in mushroom cultivations. The benefits of the project will equally benefit male and female. The project results will take in consideration both genders both in terms of training, design of guidelines, and technology develop, in a way that it´s accessible for both men and woman. The project results won´t create any unfavourable situation to women, but rather will be a tool to keep them engaged in mushroom cultivation avoiding job losses due to loss of competitiveness and cease of activity. During the course of BioMush project, women will perform key roles in the research and project management within the core group of Associations and RTD performers. We recognise that it is in the best interest of the project to choose the most talented participants available solely on the basis of their suitable skills and knowledge.

Thus, the coordination and Technical Management of the project is assigned to a woman, based on the most suitable skills for the tasks assigned.

We will accept participants in the project irrespectively of their sex, marital status, colour, race, nationality, ethnic origin or national origin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, age or disability.





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