The complete name of FP7 is 7thFramework Programme for Research and Technological Development from 2007 until 2013. The programme has a total budget of over € 50 billion. FP7 is a key tool to respond to Europe's needs in terms of jobs and competitiveness, and to maintain leadership in the global knowledge economy.


FP7 is the instrument to grant to research actors all over Europe and beyond, in order to co-finance research, technological development and demonstration projects. Grants are determined on the basis of calls for proposals and a peer review process, which are highly competitive.


One of the specific programme is Capacities. The Commission’s proposals for the FP7 Capacities programme aim to enhance research and innovation capacities throughout Europe and ensure their optimal use. 

It covers the following activities:

• Research infrastructures
• Research for the benefit of SMEs
• Regions of Knowledge
• Research Potential
• Science in Society
• Specific activities of international cooperation


In this context, Biomush Project is a 36 month project funded by the European Commission through the Capacities programme of FP7- SME-2011-2: Research for SME associations, that commenced in November 2012 under FP7-SME-2012-314241-BIOMUSH (Grant Agreement number 314241).





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